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GoPro Action Camera Director P

Media & Video
Developer: Pocket Lifestyle GmbH
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The Action Camera Director App lets you set up your GoPro perfectly!Designed for use with:- GoPro HERO 2 with Wifi BacPac*- GoPro HERO 3 White- GoPro HERO 3 Silver- GoPro HERO 3 Black*- GoPro HERO 3+ Silver*- GoPro HERO 3+ Black
* Are tested by the developer, other support is added as described in the manuals.
Action Camera Director allows you to configure and control your GoPro camera and shows what your camera is framing on a live stream. Video and Photo configurations are available on the main screen, this allows you to view the results of your adjustments immediately in the live stream.
The top bar displays to which wifi GoPro camera/network you are connected to. A build in wizard will help you with pairing your Android device to your GoPro camera. You can switch instantly between any GoPro camera using the Android build in wifi selection. The free version also includes a demonstration of the fast in-app wifi selection menu, with the Pro version you can use this to real time switch between your GoPro cameras.
The common controls are available in all camera modes and are therefore always available. The common controls from left to right are:- Power on- Spot measure- Mirror camera input upside down- Record video / photo- Locate camera with beeping
Slide the bottom menu from left to right to change to different camera modes and to gain access to the specific configuration settings for your selected mode. The available modes are:- Video settings- Photo settings- Photo burst settings- Photo timelapse settings- Photo timer settings (GoPro HERO2 only)- General camera information and configuration options
The video resolution table lists all possible video settings and allows you to change the following combined group of configurations in a single click:- Resolution- Frames per second- Camera angle- Protune- Pal/NTSC
There is basic SD contents browsing support, browsing the SD content allows you to preview photos and videos in your favorite photo/video app. It also allows you select media and erase individual and/or all files. The main focus of this app is getting your action camera configured as efficient as possible, better content browsing support might be added in a future version.
Although we try to optimise this as much as possible, the video stream has a short delay. This is partly due to how the camera compresses the videostream, which is something we cannot influence.
This app is build by observing the original GoPro network protocol. As we have no influence on future firmware versions, we can only tell its compatible with the following firmware versions:- GoPro HERO 2 firmware HD2.08.12.312 + Wi-Fi BacPac version 3.5.0*- GoPro HERO 3 White firmware HD3.01.03.00- GoPro HERO 3 Silver firmware HD3.02.03.00- GoPro HERO 3 Black firmware HD3.03.03.00*- GoPro HERO 3+ Silver firmware HD3.10.01.09*- GoPro HERO 3+ Black firmware HD3.11.01.04
* Are tested by the developer, other support is added as described in the manuals.
The protocol is unlikely to change, but if it does, we will try to update the compatibility.
Designed for use with GOPRO® products. GOPRO® is a registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.